True engineers thrive here

Help us build our product and change the way workforces experience technology

Development Opportunities

Find your path and find meaning

Our product is designed to solve complex problems for our customers and improve work at the world’s largest companies. That means there are many deep challenges for you to take on and countless ways to grow your career.

  • Scale: We handle tens of millions of users daily.
  • Resiliency: Our goal is 99.999% availability.
  • ML and AI: Opportunities available on every team. 
  • CMS: Design simple and elegant solutions from complex workflows. 
  • Data Security: We protect the data of global enterprises.
  • Seamless experiences: Design delightful and seamless experiences across our many platforms including: desktop, mobile, web, widgets and integrated experiences.
  • Integrations: We have SDKs, partner ecosystems, developer ecosystems and deep integration challenges.
  • Data Analysis: We develop workforce intelligence that shapes business decisions. 

“I could have the same roles and tasks at any other company, and they all promise the opportunity for personal and professional growth. The difference is that it actually feels like a real possibility here. My teammates are supportive and responsive; people seem to genuinely care, and it’s infectious.”



We value connections over commutes

Firstup has had a distributed workforce since day one, and our engineering team has always been 100% remote. That lets us recruit the best people anywhere and better address global challenges for our customers.

Team Culture

We run on ownership, not ego

There’s no micromanagement on our team. We believe in giving you the resources to succeed and trusting you to take responsibility for the results. 

That’s why we operate with a startup mindset. Every squad on our team has its own environment, roadmap, release process, engineers, QA and product manager. Product and engineering are on the same side, measuring back to the same KPIs and business challenges. We promote both open collaboration and ownership—anyone can touch any code, but owners get the final review.

engineering group
engineering retreat

Team Values

Work your own way, make your own decisions and be accountable for the outcome.

Don’t stress about mistakes. Catch issues quickly to improve quality and stability.

Focus on good over great and keep iterating with confidence.

Don’t work in a vacuum. Software development is a team sport that calls for constant cooperation.

We build awesome, we don’t fight stupid. If you have a better way to do something, we’re all for it. If you need more context or access, we’ll provide it. 

“We are constantly improving our platform that is used by millions of people. We are also encouraged to work on things we are passionate about. If a crazy idea pops into my head, I take 10% of my time to work on that rather than my main project.”

YAISMEL MIRANDA PONS |  Software Engineer


True engineers thrive here

We’re not about labels or locking you into a specific programming language. Instead, we’re interested in what you bring to the table, how you work and how you think.

We’re looking for accomplished generalists who can use the right tool for any job—engineers who aren’t afraid to work on any part of the stack. And if you have a specialty on top of that, so much the better.

Find your fit in one of our open roles below.


What to expect when interviewing

Our recruiting process is centered on transparency and human connection, not trick questions and profiling. We provide as much information as possible up front to give you the best shot at success. Ultimately we want you to find a role and a team that you’re happy with—whether that’s here or somewhere else.


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Step 1

Recruiter Call
One of our recruiters will go over your resume and give you the full story on our company, product, team and benefits.

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Step 2

Online Assessment
Our practical assessment evaluates the skills and strengths you shared on your resume. It takes about 45-60 minutes.

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Step 3

Coding Exercise
In this 60-minute programming session, you’ll solve a problem along with one of our lead engineers. This low-pressure exercise simulates life on our team while showing us how you think, collaborate and code.

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Step 4

Virtual Onsite
This is a series of 3 calls with our engineering team and CTO. We’ll ask about a range of technology topics, but we also want to get to know you and what you care about. This is your chance to ask us questions, too, so you can make sure you’d enjoy working here.

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Step 5

Hire and Onboarding
Once you’re hired, our goal is to onboard you seamlessly so you can submit code on day one. We’ll pair you with a mentor on our team, introduce you across the company and help you make the connections you need to do your best work.


Do what you love, love where you work

If you have questions about applying, or just want to learn more, that’s what we’re here for.