Attune ’22 — The Science of Engagement

Join us at the historic Palmer House Hilton in Downtown Chicago for Attune ‘22 where we will put on our lab coats and explore the Science of Engagement.

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Join us in Chicago!

Communication has changed, and so have you. It’s time to reconnect, reenergize and embrace the change! Get ready to join us, October 18-20, 2022 as we break down the complex, thoughtful, measured, messy, chaotic and fun elements that go into the science of engagement! 

Dedicated to building more connections, stronger advocacy and an equitable digital employee experience at every organization, we’re bringing together leaders in communication, employee experience, and technology to define digital experiences that work for all their workers. 

Attune brings together the boldest in our industry to explore, teach and learn from each other, and the journey starts with you! 

Attune Digital Employee Experience Summit

Palmer House Hilton, Chicago

October 18-20, 2022

A must-attend event

Today, comms and HR are working together across enterprises to build the next great digital employee experience. At Attune, we’ll focus on aligning and expanding the role of comms to focus on all of those making a difference. 

Whether you are a communication pro, an employee experience technologist, or an HR leader, see what is next in employee comms. From the technology that is changing the landscape to recruitment and retention, gain the know-how to elevate your workers to do their best work.

Rave reviews

Last year, Attune events hosted, virtually and in person, over 2000 communicators, HR leaders and EX professionals — just like you! They gathered to hear from the best and brightest in the industry, including leaders from U.S. Steel, Dow, Reddit, Hilton and more with 99% of attendees reporting the event was, “‘good, very good or excellent!”

Fantastic event! The speakers were engaging and insightful; the topics were timely and relevant. Thank you, Firstup team.

— Attune ’21 attendee

What to expect

Regardless of company size, industry, or culture, leaders and communicators know that success comes from people doing their best work. Attune brings together the boldest in our industry to explore, teach and learn from each other. 

Attune ‘22 is taking a deep look into the most critical topics employee experience professionals are currently facing, including

  • Imagine. Invent. Inspire. Network and connect with your peers, then bring the learnings from the community back to your organization
  • Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat. See, share and steal killer content and strategies that are relevant, easy to create and will get noticed
  • The technology of tomorrow. Explore and learn about the tools driving change, from mobile to intranet, digital signage to Microsoft 365
  • It’s not rocket science. Examine the X’s and O’s to the KPIs, and help define the language your business needs to talk about communication 

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As Content Marketing Manager for Firstup, Dawn started out working in creative agencies, then transitioned to consumer brands, with experience leading projects for Wizards of the Coast and Disney theme parks. Now focused on the tech industry, her passion is planning, creating, and sharing engaging content that helps move the needle.

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