The 6 HR technology trends to watch in 2022

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Here are the 6 HR technology trends professionals are watching for in 2022 in order to improve the employee experience.
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Human resources will always be about people—but it’s truly amazing the way technology continues to shift the way HR teams operate. In 2022, you can bet technology and tools will provide new opportunities (both big and small) to streamline, enhance, and improve your work.

Trend #1: New sexual harassment reporting options

Even though 98% of companies have sexual harassment policies, at least 35% of women have reported sexual harassment at work. Typically, sexual harassment training takes place on computer modules or in-person lectures, which is not proving to be effective.

For years, the primary option for reporting sexual harassment was a person-to-person encounter. However, many teams are now embracing technology to make reporting easier and more accessible. HR teams in 2022 will proactively embrace both virtual reality and tech channels (including web platforms, email, chat, or hotlines) to report incidents, and establish proper protocols to respond accordingly.

Trend #2: BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) policies

A survey of 1,200 workers suggests that 100% of workers consider frequent and effective internal communications to be a top characteristic in making for a positive work environment.

The majority of Gen Y, and 50% of 30+ workers, believe the devices they use in their personal lives are more effective than those used at work. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy has become a no-frills way of ensuring workers at all ends of the “production” line—from factory workers, to remote workers, to office managers—can all interact via desktop and on-the-go devices, such as branded mobile apps, in their pockets.

Trend #3: Incorporating gender-neutral language into digital platforms

Twenty percent of employees age 18-34 identify as LGBTQ and, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the number of people self-identifying as gender-nonbinary (i.e. neither male nor female) is on the rise. Too often, however, HR departments overlook details that may speak to the concerns of such employees. One major way HR teams are creating more inclusivity is shifting pronoun usage in digital communications campaigns and onboarding software systems.

Trend #4: Automation for better employee engagement communication with millennials

Many millennial employees put a premium on company cultures that showcase automation as part of their workflow: Forbes reports millennials want automation that helps them work and collaborate efficiently and effectively, and over 60% of Gen Z prefer to have daily contact with their managers! Taking steps to accommodate this preference in your HR communications can make a major impact on keeping your company competitive and helping the executive team attract top talent. In 2022, more HR execs will explore tools and technology that can help them automate and digitize their workforce communications systems.

Trend #5: Artificial intelligence for recruitment initiatives

HR departments are expected to use AI to recruit and hire employees. While recruitment used to entail hours weeding through applications, AI features help HR teams sort through large candidate pools quickly and efficiently. AI technologies used by HR departments this year include video analysis software that can identify “odd” behaviors or signs of cheating (like a lack of eye contact), and rule out candidates accordingly.

Trend #6: Apps for internal communications, payroll automation, and more

In recent years, there’s been a sizable uptick in interaction-based app offerings in a variety of areas, including HR. Industry experts view integrating mobile digital technology as essential to workforce training and HR operations in 2022. HR professionals have access to vast amounts of data and using apps to manage it just makes sense. Major popular app features include payroll automation, automated internal communications, and training tools.

Learn how such organizations as AB InBev, Love’s Travel Stops, and Dow Chemical, plan to achieve their HR communication to employees goals in 2022.

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