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SocialChorus and Dynamic Signal: Joining forces to transform the digital employee experience

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Coming together for a shared vision of helping companies deliver a more connected, inclusive and engaged workforce.
Digital Signal + SocialChorus

I’m excited to share that we’re taking SocialChorus into a new and exciting phase, joining forces with a team who shares our vision to transform how companies connect with every worker. Combining with Dynamic Signal accelerates our mission to deliver a digital employee experience that works for every worker. 

“The macroeconomic, social and geopolitical events over the past 18 months have elevated the importance of reaching every employee”

— Nicole Alvino, SocialChorus Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

When we founded SocialChorus, our dream was to reach EVERY worker with the information they needed to feel connected to and supported by their employer. And we wanted to give all communicators — from professional communicators to every leader—a way to deliver effective, measurable communications. We have always known that the only way businesses win, lead and transform is by connecting their people to the purpose of their work. 

Over the past decade, our insanely talented team has delivered an omnichannel communications backbone that has provided access to millions of employees, and data and insights to communicators. We have built meaningful partnerships with some of the largest employers in the world, who share our vision for a more unified, equitable, inclusive digital employee experience.

The macroeconomic, social and geopolitical events over the past 18 months have elevated the importance of reaching every employee, giving them a source of truth from their employer, and connecting them to all elements of their work—whether its seamless access to a payslip, training, mental wellness support, or a CEO video. As I’ve spoken to CEOs across all industries in the past year, the focus has shifted to the importance of connecting authentically and meeting every type of worker where they are—on the frontline, on the shop floor, on the road, in a hybrid environment or back in the office. 

This problem we set out to solve over a decade ago has become a CEO problem. An equity problem. A bottom-line problem. And an opportunity. It has been through the dedication, brilliance and passion of our incredible team who have elevated these problems to CEO status and put SocialChorus on the enterprise SaaS map as a solution among some of the biggest names in tech. 

I’ve never been more committed to or excited about our business, and want to acknowledge the people who brought us to this point.

To our team: There are truly not enough words of gratitude for you. I have countless stories of late-night breakthroughs, game-changing hackathons, back of uber pitches and delays in far too many regional airports —as we have worked together to deliver innovation and success for our customers. In all my memories, there is so much laughter and joy. Yes, a few tears along the way, but, like any exceptional team, we take the wins and the losses together. You have always lived our values of We Lead, We Succeed Together and We Act Like Owners. I am beyond proud—not of the words—but of the meaning you have given these values through your actions. You are leaders, you are owners and you work together as a tight-knit team and in partnership with our customers to deliver meaningful success. Nothing makes me happier than to hear the pride in which you share customer win stories each week at SCU. I am so grateful for all of you. Thank you.

Now, it’s time to leverage the foundation we have laid and build even bigger. We needed a partner, who, like us, believes in the importance of reaching every worker. And understands the importance of serving and delighting customers—and ultimately the 15 million employees (and growing!) we will serve together. 

We have that partner in Dynamic Signal’s founder Jim Larrison. He shares the same passion for our mission, for our customers and for our people like I do. We have both been on this path for over a decade. We have both won big deals and lost big deals—but we have never wavered from our North Star. I am excited to work with him and his team to fulfill our dream in a bigger way than either of us imagined over 10 years ago. 

To all our customers: This is really about you. This is about accelerating the innovation you get from us. This is about more resources and support at your fingertips. This is about connecting even more workers to the information and support they need. For those of you who have been on the journey with us for many years know just how far we have come as a platform and a company—and also the challenges and opportunities ahead of us. 

As we come together (after regulatory approval, of course), you have my commitment that our passionate partner approach, rooted deeply in integrity, remains at the core of the combined company. It is with deep gratitude that I thank you for your partnership over the years and look forward to our next chapter together. 

I can’t wait to get started!

— Nicole Alvino

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Nicole Alvino

Nicole Alvino

Nicole is our Founder and Chief Executive Officer ensuring tens of millions of global employees are more engaged and our enterprise customers—including 40 of the Fortune 100—are more agile with workforce intelligence. Prior to co-founding Firstup, she was the Founder and CEO of Dermalounge, a pioneer in using technology to empower employees. She has a B.A. in Economics from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. She is a contributor to Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Fast Company and lives in Seattle with her husband and three young sons.

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