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While the past two years have been a time of accelerated digital transformation, we believe 2022 will be the year of the employee experience (EX)—the year that companies learn how to make transformative change benefit all their employees. In anticipation of that, we’ve created a virtual broadcast event to help communicators and leaders across roles and departments better engage their workforces.

Attune All In will feature three sessions centered around EX past, present and future, exploring what is causing this shift and how it will impact tomorrow’s workers. The sessions will feature three speakers from Fortune 500 manufacturing giants Dow and U.S. Steel. Plus, our own chief product officer will give attendees an immersive look at what they can expect in the future, now that SocialChorus and Dynamic Signal have merged to form Firstup.  

Meet the speakers at Attune All In

1. John Ambler, VP and CCO, U.S. Steel 

john ambler
John Ambler, U.S. Steel

With a background that spans more than three decades in internal comms, public relations and reputation management, John Ambler faced the most challenging communication issues the business world has seen, from hostile takeovers to bankruptcies, lawsuits and environmental incidents. 

After a historic corporate crisis, John led the rebranding of his company’s operations, contributing to a $ 1billion increase in asset value. When BNSF Railway was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway, John orchestrated all communications related to the $44B acquisition, leading to positive reception and swift approval. His internal comms resume is equally impressive: John has revamped the communications function for Houston’s largest health system, guiding it through a 40% increase in its share of voice, and has driven engagement among a nationwide workforce of 40,000 railroad employees, boosting favorable employee ratings beyond industry norms. 

Today, John is helping 120-year-old manufacturing icon U.S. Steel transform itself by creating a next-generation employee experience that’s driven by communication. Learn how he did it during his session at Attune All In: “Internal communications and EX: Then vs. now.”

2. Christine Miller and Jennifer Holzinger, Global Communications and Employee Engagement, Dow 

Dow currently employs more than 36,000 people on five continents and was named #22 on the Top 50 Companies for Diversity list. The company’s global culture is promoted by its communications and employee engagement team, led by Christine Miller and Jennifer Holzinger. 

DOW ChemicalsCM
Christine Miller, Dow

Armed with a strategic employee engagement plan and creative communication tactics, Christine, Jennifer and their team have successfully aligned Dow employees with organizational goals, tracked progress toward those goals, and continued to simplify how the company works. Their campaigns highlight positive examples of the company’s performance culture, reinforcing employee behaviors that lead to business results. They’ve also used celebratory initiatives to build energy and enthusiasm across the workforce.

Dow JH
Jennifer Holzinger, Dow

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Christine and Jennifer were responsible for spearheading Dow’s crisis communications. Their team helped lead the global response with a dedicated channel for real-time COVID information and kept individual locations from Pennsylvania to China informed of regulations and changes specific to their region. Their work also enabled digital transformation during the company’s rapid pivot to working from home, and throughout its return to work, improving the employee experience during this challenging time.

At Attune All In, Christine and Jennifer will share how they engage employees and gather insights at each stage of the employee journey, from recruitment and onboarding to alumni status. Register to watch their session here.

3. Jed Brown, Chief Product Officer, Firstup

Jed Brown x
Jed Brown, Firstup

Jed leads the product management and product design teams at Firstup, and it’s no exaggeration to say that he’s obsessed with solving customer challenges. This makes him the ideal CPO for a company centered on treating the employee experience like the customer experience. Although the products he and his team create are informed by data and analytics, their development is truly driven by listening to each customer.

“I’m a product guy who loves using technology to improve the lives of people. […] Delighting customers comes from solving their problems in a simple and elegant way.”

Jed Brown ❘ Chief Product Officer ❘ Firstup

Jed joined Firstup after building unique products and UX for large wall-to-wall enterprises at both Microsoft and Fuze. He has been awarded an incredible 13 patents (and an additional 3 patents pending) for software design innovation in the areas of communication interfaces and collaborative experiences. 

In his Attune All In session, Jed will draw on this background to delve into what the future may hold for the employee experience. He’ll explore how technology will deliver greater flexibility and how data will help companies better support their workers. 

Ready to go all in? Register now

Attune All In is a virtual broadcast event, and to view the broadcast, attendees must register. Our streaming platform caps the number of attendees, so to ensure you don’t miss out, we recommend registering now. You’ll not only hear the insights of Fortune 500 speakers, but you’ll see what kind of campaigns they’ve been running—and get a sneak peek at the all new Firstup. Register today to save your spot at

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