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Make your words matter with the Firstup Language Guide

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Your words matter. Language Guide ensures all your communicators keep a consistent brand and tone and lead with inclusivity.
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Your organization has a strong brand identity. Internally and externally. But how are you managing consistency across your communications team? How do you capture that brand identity without over-extending editing efforts and manually reviewing each post? Whether you have a team of 5 or 500 publishers, it can be a challenge. 

With growing companies, distributed workforces and retention efforts more important than ever, how you communicate with your employees can make a huge difference. Brand consistency creates trust and helps your message resonate with employees and the use of inclusive language makes every employee feel comfortable and valued.

That’s why we’re thrilled to roll out a new feature, Firstup Language Guides in our new Studio. With a company language guide, you can deliver customized, real-time language suggestions to your comms leaders, right within your Studio editor. So no matter who is communicating, you can trust that your message will stay on track. Once set in place, your Language Guide will help maintain a consistent tone internally. 


Consistency is key

Whether it’s enforcing the correct spelling of your CEO’s name or dissuading the use of an abbreviation, Language Guide helps enable brand consistency for your organization. Training publishers to communicate with the appropriate company terms and phrases is a huge undertaking, and once language has been shared across multiple teams, it can be hard to correct. Language Guide rules keep your team messages consistent and aligned with your brand. 

Avoid confusing jargon or short-hand speech that may leave employees scratching their heads. Now you can be confident knowing that your set Language Guide is helping edit along the way. 

Create and maintain an inclusive environment

Has your organization asked itself, what language could be changed to be more inclusive? Chances are DE&I efforts are a top initiative. 

Language has the ability to build relationships and forge connections, but it’s equally liable for creating barriers and impacting someone’s sense of belonging. When employees thrive in a welcoming environment they are more engaged and motivated at work. In fact, placing efforts on inclusivity can lead to 47% greater retention rates

But ensuring you communicate with inclusive language is easier said than done in large organizations with teams of publishers. Instituting rules within your Language Guide can help you achieve your goals and help publishers communicate inclusively with confidence. 


Harness the power of your words 

We’re excited to continue enhancing our Studio experience with tools that help you and your team succeed. For more information on how to enable the power of Language Guide get a demo or, if you’re already a Firstup customer, reach out to your engagement team for details. Language Guide is exclusively available on our new Studio. 

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Hallie Pridham

Hallie Pridham

Hallie Pridham is part of the Product Marketing team at Firstup. Dedicated to helping companies transform their communications, when not at work, you can find Hallie traveling or testing out the many restaurants of San Francisco or her hometown Louisville.

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