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ClearBox Intranets and employee experience platforms report

As demand for modern intranet solutions continues among global enterprises, communicators and IT professionals need a north star to guide their decision on the best product for their business. ClearBox Consulting has evaluated multiple workforce communications platforms to provide a comprehensive, third-party analysis of top-performing vendors in the market. 

Take a look at these quotes and takeaways from ClearBox regarding intranet publishing, employee experience, and analytics: 

  • “Firstup is an excellent communications platform that has among the best tools for internal communicators that we’ve seen.”
  • “The orchestration engine has been well-developed and introduces an exciting and relevant element of behavioural data to internal communications.”
  • “Firstup has a very contemporary and clean look-and-feel, with an experience reminiscent of social media or other modern websites. We found Firstup easy to explore with very little guidance and it offers a consistent experience across the platform for a user.”
  • “The suite of analytics available on Firstup is among the best we’ve seen.
  • “The admin console is easy to use with a simple navigation and the user experience for admins is as strong as the front-end UX.” 

Download the full 600 page report to learn what ClearBox has to say about the Firstup modern intranet.

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