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Empowering employees

Targeted and personalized communications keeps employees engaged and informed

How it started

Employee engagement from one single hub

“Firstup has brought so much value to Newell Brands,” explained Christina Moylan, Manager, Corporate Communications. With the launch of their employee branded app, Newell Now, employees now have one single hub to access all their company information where they are. In addition, employees are empowered to share content to other employees, creating a connected environment.

Where they landed

The untapped potential of Firstup

Newell Now allowed the internal communications team to send the “right content to the right group of employees,” said Christina. “Targeted content has given us the ability to share announcements and events with the right group of team members, without flooding the inboxes of those that don’t need to see a particular message.” Additionally, they’ve been able to create a sense of urgency. Within 30 seconds, they can send a push notification to their employees to get a specific message out. All this is captured with their metrics, where they can see which content is performing best.

Key Insights

Strategies for success

Consolidate existing platforms and use Firstup as a single hub of publishing

Empower employees and divisions to share

Use metrics to understand how your programs are impacting results



Newell Brands is a leading global consumer goods company based in Hoboken, New Jersey. From appliances and cookware (like Oster and Calphalon) and baby products (like Graco) to Sharpie, Elmer’s and Krazy Glue, they practically have it all when it comes to products we use every day. Newell Brands has over 40,000 employees, many of whom work in manufacturing facilities and have limited access to email.

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June 26, 2024