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Building company culture

Creating a sense of community and empowering employees to become brand ambassadors

How it started

Forging a unique identity

Chicago-based HS2 had about 175 employees in 2018, and then came the acquisitions and the rebrand. The expanded company combined HS2 with LunaMetrics, Infield Digital, and Demac Media. The resulting juggernaut is a blend of a digital agency and consultancy that focuses on analytics, creative design, web development, and marketing services.

Launching a rebrand is a challenge for any organization. But it’s especially daunting when you’re a fast-growing business that has just acquired three other companies across the United States and Canada—more than doubling the company headcount. In 2018, when digital agency Bounteous brought together unique office cultures and complementary services, there was a need to forge a unified identity.

Needing a way to connect employees to the company after acquisitions and a rebrand but lacking the ability for employees to share approved content systemically, Bounteous wanted a place where employees could feel more invested in the growing company’s culture.

Where they landed

The Well, powered by Firstup, was the solution

The new platform, named The Well, is where employees can get their fill of company information. It’s available via a mobile app, a desktop app, or the web—wherever employees prefer.

The Well is organized for easy navigation. There are different content streams for each office and location. Other streams are designed for everyone in the company. For instance, one popular category is “What We’re Reading.”

Some information is only for employees’ eyes. But most of the content on The Well is intended for employees to share. It can be about publicizing Bounteous-sponsored events and highlighting training sessions. Or it’s a chance for employees to brag about company awards.

The 92% registration rate shows The Well’s popularity. But adoption didn’t happen by accident.



Founded in 2003 in Chicago, Bounteous is a leading digital experience consultancy that co-innovates with the world’s most ambitious brands to create transformative digital experiences. With services in Strategy, Experience Design, Technology, Analytics and Insight, and Marketing, Bounteous elevates brand experiences and drives superior client outcomes.

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