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Customer Case Study

Firstup reaches AB InBev employees in all corners of the globe

From corporate HQ to breweries around the world, everyone is connected
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Communicating with a global, dispersed workforce

AB InBev, a global brewing company, maintains over 500 distributing brands and a presence in more than 150 countries. With such an unusually dispersed and disconnected workforce, it was challenging to provide real-time company updates, such as launching new brews, or major organizational shifts. In addition, they had two types of employees: those at the corporate brand headquarters and the deskless workforce based in distribution and brewery centers.

Before Firstup, AB InBev spent a considerable amount of time organizing and distributing emails to their employees—and 40% of their communications analyst’s time was spent working on advertising, content, and design. After launching Firstup, this was slashed to just 15%. Now, they have more time to focus on strategic projects and automate all their daily communication workflows.

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Firstup refocuses attention to what matters

Firstup offered a way to centralize daily employee communications and updates from one platform. By segmenting content by different regions, the company could provide local and global news and information.

Key Insights

Strategies for success

Segment content so employees only receive information pertinent to them

Use personal storytelling as a means to connect employees

Implement "calls-to-action" in specific posts so it's clear what the next steps are


AB InBev

AB InBev is a brewing company, whose heritage dates back almost 600 years to a brewery in Belgium—the birthplace of Stella Artois. With over 500 distributing brands and a presence in more than 150 countries, it was necessary for internal communicators to provide their 180,000+ employees an easier way to stay updated with company events and information. That’s where Firstup came in to help AB InBev develop Cheers, their employee mobile app.
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